We conceptualise, design and realise

Your quality cap

Our service? From the idea to the project, from the mould to the finished product. The shape, colour, size: we create the cap you have in mind, and we do it all here. Your closing system, with Made in Italy quality.

Got an idea in mind? Or a rough sketch? Or maybe you already have a technical drawing and want to turn it into a reality?
We can realise your project, no matter what stage it is at. We can use your sketch to create a CAD model, and if there are already some drawings we can create the moulds. We will place our team of technicians and experts at your disposal so they can help you during every stage of development.
We work nimbly and simply, and we can quickly make your projects happen because we control the whole process, right up to testing and production.
Visit our website dedicated to mould development and moulding www.cbstampi.it, our team is at your disposal.


Design and production

  • Conceptualisation and design of the CAD model
  • Mould creation
  • Moulded product production
  • Mould maintenance and preservation


Snap-on closing system

CB Stampi holds the exclusive patent for the snap-on system for 28-PCO preforms. With this solution, final fillers can quickly apply the capsule even to preform models and standard bottles, which greatly reduces processing times and costs. The CB Stampi patent is functional, adapts itself to all products on the market and reduces processing costs, making the offer more competitive. The innovative formula of this solution has already conquered some of the most important fillers and mass market retailer brands.


Materials and quality

  • Use of 100% recyclable material
  • Use of 100% recycled material
  • Material certified for contact with food
  • Materials that comply with Directive 67/548/EEC
  • 100% Italian design and production
  • More than 700 colours always available
  • Maximum adaptability of every type of bottle