The environment first and foremost

CB Caps for nature

Our company has always been sensitive to environmental themes, from the materials it uses to its production methods. Mindful choices and green philosophy are a daily challenge for us.

More and more we hear talk of articles made from RECYCLABLE or RECYCLED material...have you ever stopped to think about these two words?
ALL our caps are made of RECYCLABLE material: our caps can be recovered and the material they are made of can be used again.
We can produce ALL our caps using 99.5% RECYCLED material: recycled material stops potentially useful materials from being wasted, guarantees that the production/material use cycle becomes more sustainable. Furthermore, it reduces the consumption of raw materials and energy, and the emission of associated greenhouse gases. Recycled material can, in addition, be recovered and used to produce new recycled material, continuing its life cycle in this manner.
Environmental impact is dependent on us: let’s ALL commit to disposing of waste correctly!!!


Recycled and recyclable

  • Caps made from PCR polypropylene
  • Even the colour versions are 100% recyclable
  • Carbon black-free colours
  • Products compliant with the REACH regulation


Eco-friendly system

“Less is green”, and that’s the point. Our new eco-friendly PATENTED system involves the production of lighter caps, which means using less material and making your product more personalised at the same time. The PRC polypropylene we use is 99.5% recycled, the colours are natural and the hole design can be personalised, for a unique result in the cosmetics sector. Today, style and nature can be friends.


Our commitment to trees

In 2021 our company started supporting the Treedom team, whose aim is to plant trees in agroforestry projects that favour the virtuous interaction between different species and a sustainable use of resources and land. The rural communities that are involved receive training and financial support; they take care of the trees and enjoy the results. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, release oxygen, favour biodiversity, contrast soil erosion and do plenty of other things, too. But there’s more: Treedom’s philosophy, which we share and promote, is to create sustainable ecosystems and allow farmers to face the initial costs of planting trees, guaranteeing the predominance of food and an opportunity to learn. The right tree in the right place and for the right reason.