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Green materials

Our company has always been sensitive to environmental themes, from the materials it use to its production methods. Mindful choice and green philosophy are a daily challenge for us

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PATENTED Snap on system

CB Stampi holds the exclusive patent for the snap-on system for 28-PCO preforms. With this solution, final fillers can quickly apply the capsule even to preform models and standard bottles, which greatly reduces processing times and costs.

The CB Stampi patent is functional, suitable for all products on the market, and reduces processing costs.



CB Caps is a brand that belongs to CB Stampi Srl which, in 2003, acquired Stropol, historic company specializing in the marketing and distribution of plastic caps for the detergent sectors.

Since then, production has involved proprietary moulds and it’s cared and monitored at every stage to guarantee a high quality end product. Today, some of the most important international brand in the market, rely on CB Caps which boasts a vast catalogue of products and it specializes in devising customized solutions.

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Custom-made designs

Do you have an idea in mind? Or a rough sketch? Or maybe you have already made a technical drawing and want to make it real?

We can realize your project at whatever stage it is.
We will provide our team of technicians and experts to support you at every stage of your idea development.

We work nimbly and simply, and we can quickly make your projects happen because we control the whole process, right up to testing and production.

Visit our website dedicated to mould development and moulding, our team is at your disposal.

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Our roots

Our history begins with CB Stampi, that has been producing caps for more than 40 years, starting from mould creation. We produce in-house with our workshop, paying close attention to quality. In 2003 we created CB Caps with the purpose of selling caps of our own production in order to “come out from behind the scenes” and putting ourselves on the line.

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